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When is my enrollment fee due?

Our $35 enrollment fee is due when you pay your first months tuition. Please be advised that if you miss TWO consecutive months WITHOUT notice, you will be required to pay another enrollment fee. Please let our staff know in writing if you plan to drop your athlete from our program or if you intend to take an extended period of time off.

When is my child's tuition due?

ALL tuition payments are due by the 1st of each month. After the 10th, your payment is considered late and a $15 late fee will also be charged to your account.

If we start in the middle of the month or if we miss a class, is my tuition prorated?

Powerhouse does offer make-up classes if you missed a day. Please let someone in the front office know what day you missed and they will give you information on when your athlete can make up their class. Unfortunately, Powerhouse cannot prorate tuition for missed classes or months with less than 4 weeks; this is because the price remains the same for those months that have more than 4 weeks. If you start in the middle of the month, we will charge you the per class rate and the monthly rate for the following months.

What should my child wear to tumbling/practice?

We ask that all athletes wear comfortable clothing such as a t-shirt and shorts. We also ask that girls please wear sports bras under their tops. Please keep all practice clothing tasteful and appropriate. Jewlery is not acceptable in any form. If girls insist on wearing stud earrings, Powerhouse is not responsible for lost or stolen items or injuries that may be associated with wearing earrings. Also, hair should be pulled up and out of the athletes face. We have also found that athletes tumble better with the appropriate shoes.

Am I allowed to take pictures/ video?

Absolutely! Powerhouse offers a parent room for parents and siblings to sit and wait comfortably during classes and pictures and video can be taken from inside the parent room. Please note, parents and siblings ARE NOT allowed on the floor for liability purposes.
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